Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku) originated in Japan in the 1980's as a green prescription for individuals to reduce stress. The effects of bathing the senses in nature can improve health and wellbeing by reducing the symptoms of stress in the body. For many years now, health professionals have researched spending time in nature as a way to improve wellbeing. The evidence in research points toward increased wellbeing from exposure to forest environments.

Spending time immersed in a forest, guided by mindfulness techniques with exposure to soil microbes, forest soundscapes, rich biodiversity and fresh clean air has shown a number of benefits such as boosting the immune system, reducing cortisol levels and slowing down the nervous system to assist in preventing stress and anxiety. 

Reconnecting with the earth, feeling grounded and using the senses to explore the sensations of rain on your face, moss under your fingertips, the smell of the forest after the rain, the smell of wildflowers, texture of bark and noticing the raw beauty of the forest and all it has to offer, will allow you to walk away feeling present, grounded, calm and reconnected to both yourself and nature.

The guide will take you on a sensory immersion journey through the forest. Forest bathing is underpinned by 5 pathways to nature connection; Beauty, Senses, Emotion, Compassion and Meaning. Encompassing the principles of mindfulness and using verbal invitations/que to guide you through opening up the senses, allowing you to experience and reconnect to nature.

Using the 5 pathways to nature connection, you will be invited to sit and observe the environment around you, giving the mind time to notice beauty in nature that we may otherwise overlook. This, slowing down the mind, gives you the opportunity to build a connection to nature that will inspire a sense of calm.

At points throughout the Forest Bathing session, you will be invited to share your experiences in a welcoming social circle, exploring how there can be differences or similarities in experiences for each person, this sharing circle allows you to build relationships and social connections which can in turn improve wellbeing.

What people are saying

"Forest bathing was a fantastic activity, a great and unexpected way to relax and attune to the senses. Experience was interesting, modern, light hearted, something different and fun. Took place in the lovely Belleek Woods. Grab your hiking boots and get ready to get in touch with nature"


"I would highly recommend this experience to anyone, actually everyone. Niamh is such a beautiful guide and the experience was so powerful. I feel so grounded and connected to myself and the present moment leaving. I'm already looking forward to the next one!"

Ciara C

"Niamh is incredible as a forest guide, and has hugely enhanced my appreciation of the beauty around us and how beneficial it is to immerse ourselves in nature. Everyone should experience this forest bathing experience"

Ciara O

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