For music lovers and yoga lovers to find their flow state! There is a reason people love music so much.

Moving to music is a form of energy release. A powerful song can hype us up, a moving song can help us to feel emotion and a fun song can bring lightness into a bad day. 

Similarly, yoga can help to boost mental well being, balance our minds and bodies, help us to find confidence in ourselves. Inside Flow brings those two worlds together..........and it's amazing!

This is an Inside Flow (Dance Flow) class that builds the connection of movement, breath and music. Inside Flow is a specially choreographed vinyasa yoga sequence designed to match the flow and beat of a modern song. Taking yoga to the next level.

We will build up this choreographed vinyasa flow sequence by breaking it down and teaching it through repetitive loops, adding on movements each time until we bring the full sequence together and dance through it along to an unreal song. Inside Flow allows you to hit your desired flow state while feeling the beat through your heart and body.

Bringing a new edge!

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