Meet Niamh, the heart and soul of Roots Wellness Studio. As a dedicated mother of three kiddos, Ella Me, Cole and Luka! Wife to a modern day adventurer Brian.

Niamh's love for yoga, forest bathing, hiking, and all things outdoors runs deep. She believes in the deep connection between nature, movement and wellness, and it's her mission to share this with our community.

Niamh's journey with yoga began as a personal exploration of self-discovery and healing. Over the years, she has found solace and strength in her practice, learning to navigate life's challenges with attempted grace and resilience. Yoga has not only transformed her body but also empowered her mind, instilling a deep sense of confidence and inner peace.

At Roots Wellness Studio, Niamh brings her extensive experience and passion to every class and workshop. Whether she's leading a dynamic Vinyasa Flow, a grounding Yin practice, a nurturing Restorative session, or an exhilarating Inside Flow, Niamh's classes are infused with warmth, encouragement, and a deep understanding of  wellness.

Niamh specializes in meditations and breathwork designed to calm the nervous system and foster mental clarity. She believes that yoga is a powerful tool for navigating life's ups and downs, offering a sanctuary where students can find strength, balance, and serenity.

Join us at Roots Wellness Studio and let Niamh guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery, confidence, and resilience through the practice of yoga and immersion in nature.


Sinead Farrell

Having recently relocated to Mayo after years of living in Dublin, Sinead brings with her a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to our studio.

Sinead completed her training in 2017 with Surya Wellness and has shared her passion for yoga with students of all levels since then in The Yoga Lab, The Health Hub and more.

Sinead teaches a Dynamic Yoga Flow class every Friday at 6pm.

From the first sun salutation, you'll feel a surge of vitality coursing through your veins. Flowing through dynamic sequences designed to build heat and energy, awakening every muscle in your body and igniting your inner fire. Throughout the practice, Sinead will emphasize the connection between breath and movement, using the power of pranayama to deepen your experience and enhance our vitality, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized

Keep an eye out for more classes and wonderful workshops with Sinead soon!


Meet Laura, our radiant midwife extraordinaire! Whether you're expecting, a new parent, or somewhere in between, Laura's got you covered with a whole array of experience designed to make your journey into parenthood as smooth as possible. From bump to baby and beyond, Laura's offerings are as diverse as they are delightful! From antenatal education and pregnancy relaxation, where you'll learn everything you need to know to prepare for the arrival of your little bundle of joy. Once your precious one has made their grand entrance, Laura's postnatal preparation and recovery experience helps you navigate the exciting yet sometimes challenging world of new parenthood with confidence and grace.

Laura brings beautiful Baby Bliss Massage classes to our little studio every Tuesday at 11am. In this heart-warming class, parents and caregivers are invited to bond with their little ones through the gentle art of massage. Each session is a beautiful blend of soothing touch, loving communication, and joyful connection. 

Keep an eye out here for more information on the wonderful things Laura will be bringing to Ballina soon!


With an extensive 18+ years of personal yoga practice and 700 hours of yoga teacher training across the UK & Ireland, Kelly possesses a profound grasp of yoga's essence and philosophy.

Her expertise spans Prenatal yoga, Postnatal healing, Yin yoga, yoga Nidra, and Restorative Yoga.

Kelly extends a mindful invitation to her students, encouraging them to embrace the present moment by pausing their daily routine. Through gentle guidance, she facilitates a journey of self-awareness, inviting students to connect with their senses, breath, and physical being. 

Kelly brings Prenatal Yoga classes to the studio on Mondays at 6pm along with Prenatal Restorative workshops to bring rest and inner peace to expecting Mothers.

Watch this space to see the stunning offerings that Kelly will be bringing to Roots Wellness from May

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